Nanzan Aikido Egyesület | Nanzan Aikido Association

Admission for Advanced Aikidokas

If you are an aikidoka and you would like to participate on our practices, you are welcome. Please mind the followings:

  • before your first training you should meet the training leader and tell him that you are intended to join
  • if you have any grade, then you have to present your membership card or your last diploma (it is a prerequisite of wearing your black belt or hakama)
  • we are wearing white or black belt and hakama from 2nd kyu
  • if you are visiting other Aikido trainings too, then your application can be accepted only with the approval of your sensei
  • during the practice you should follow the way and form of practice as it was shown by the trainer
  • if you come as a guest, be a good guest and respect the customs of your hosts