Nanzan Aikido Egyesület | Nanzan Aikido Association

Admission for Beginners

There is no need for any special ability or skill to practice Aikido. Since Nanzan Aikido Dojo has only classes for adult persons, the only criteria is the minimal 14 years of age. Both ladies and gentlemen are welcome. At least once a year – in September – we start a class for beginners, but it is possible to join any time of the year. The first two practices – the first two weeks for the beginner’s class in September – is for free. Regular and beginner’s classes on Thursday are at the same time, but they are practicing in separate groups under the supervision of many black belt aikidoka.

If the decision was made, the followings should be considered:

  • to get familiar with the trainings (how it usually goes) and the etiquette, please come and see any of our practices
  • before the first practice the training leader has to be contacted for introduction and to inform him about any exiting problems (injuries, other health problems)
  • during the warm-up the movements of the trainer has to be followed (don’t worry if not succeeding, because this is your first time), never stop doing it and don’t miss any exercise
  • during the practice the instruction of the trainer has to be followed, and in case of any injury or sudden pain, he should be notified

Following the etiquette is a must for every participant!

Training equipment for beginners:

Since purchasing a keikogi (traditional training uniform) is an expensive thing, it is suggested to not to buy it until you are confident that you will practice Aikido for long. Jogging or any long legged training trousers (shorts are not suitable), white T-shirt (preferably without any signs or logo), slippers.

If you have studied any other martial art and you have keikogi, then you can wear it with a white belt.