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The list is not showing the dailiy status, but displays the name of the aikidokas who are participating on the practices of the Nanzan Aikido Dojo at least for six months, or practiced with us earlier and we still expecting them to show up on the trainings. The list contains the name of the those who are on leave of absence (having babies) and the honorary members. (last name first name)


  • Niklai, Norbert 4. dan
  • Bali, György 3. dan
  • Varga, Zoltán 3. dan
  • Bende, Zsolt 2. dan
  • Kiss-Hegedüs, Krisztina 2. dan
  • Szűcs, Krisztián 2. dan
  • Kapornaki, Gábor 2. dan

Aikidokas on kyu level:

  • not listed

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